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Outpatient Visits

Before or on arrival for your appointment you will be asked to complete or update your personal details as well as receive General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) information. This will include your contact details to enable effective communication in future.


Initial consultations are scheduled for 30 minutes.  During your appointment I will take a detailed history and perform a clinical examination as well as special investigation (nasal endoscopy, laryngoscopy, microscopic examination of ear etc) if required.


Special investigation will be charged in addition to the consultation fee. Occasionally you will be referred for further tests if required (x-rays, ultrasound scans blood tests, CT scans / MRI scans or hearing tests).  


If your appointment is at the Portland Hospital a hearing test can usually be performed before or during your consultation. If your appointment is in Cambridge you will be referred for a hearing test to a specialist audiologist. 


Follow up consultations can be performed as face to face or as virtual/video consultation. If a decision is made that a surgical procedure is required the hospital will contact you to arrange a pre-assessment appointment. This will be done face-to-face or occasionally as a phone appointment.


My secretary and the hospital will contact you a few days prior to surgery with the admission and fasting instructions.


Following on from your appointment a formal report will be sent to you and your referring doctor. 

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