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Fees, Payments and Insurance

I am recognized by all major national and international health insurance companies including:

  • AXAPPP (fee assured)

  • AXA International

  • BUPA (fee assured)

  • BUPA International

  • Aviva

  • Allianz

  • Pru Health

  • Exeter

  • WPA

  • Vitality

  • Cigna

  • Cigna International

  • Simply Health

  • and many more.


Consultations and surgical procedures are charged at the fee schedule of your insurance company or at a rate agreed with your insurer. 

Please contact your insurer prior to the consultation or surgical procedure to obtain and authorization code. 

New Consultations

  • Cambridge £200

  • London £250 


Follow up: £160 


If surgery is required a self –funding quote will be obtained by my secretary from the hospital and this will be provided to you in writing. 

You might be required to undergo an outpatient procedure to complete your assessment or as treatment.


There will be a separate charge for this procedure. 


Microsuction of ear / earwax removal 

Diagnostic naso-laryngopharyngoscopy 

Nasal cautery for nosebleeds

Nasal Endoscopy 

Removal of grommets 

Removal of foreign body from ear canal

Removal of foreign body from nose









Last updated Feb 2021 

Insured Patients

Self-Funding Patients

Outpatient Procedures

Billing Enquiries


All billing for insured and self-funding patients will be processed by Medical Billing and Collection.


Please note that all billing enquiries should be directed to: 


Daniel Heiron 

Account Manager 

Medical Billing and Collection 

Connery House 

Repton Place 



HP7 9LP 


Tel Payments: 01494 763 999 

Tel Queries: 01494 387 824 

Fax: 01494 766 488 


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