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Day of Surgery

You will be asked to arrive a few hours prior to surgery.


In the event of a busy list, admission times might be staggered to avoid a long wait in hospital before your operation. Unfortunately this is not always possible or practical.


We try our utmost to keep as close to the recommended fasting times as possible (6 hours for solid foods and milk containing drinks, 4 hours for breastmilk and 1-2 hours for clear fluids, water or diluted squash).


On arrival you will be shown to your room and the nurse looking after you will complete the admission paperwork. The anaesthetist and I will see you prior to surgery.


The surgical procedure will be explained again and you will be asked to sign the consent form.


The Anaesthetist will discuss how the anaesthetic will be administered and if a pre-med will be prescribed.


This is a stressful time for patients and we will do our utmost to reassure and comfort you. 



Fasting instructions 


To be provided by Mari. 

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